Marketing Site

Task: Redesign to enhance look & feel, organization and clarity, while incorporating imagery and color scheme from existing collateral material.

Roles: Page Design, Button Design, Image Selection and Creation. Implementation using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Hilights: 3-State Navigation Buttons, Rating Coverage Tool

Original Site (click to enlarge)

Redesign (click to enlarge)

Products Site

Task: Design & develop interface for data-driven, web-based version of existing BankWatch products (previously delivered on CD-ROM only).

  • Unify interface from disparate product lines.
  • Adapt functionality from CD to web.
  • Devise new functionality based on web delivery.
  • Provide Demo Site and Templates to be converted to JSP-based pages.

Roles: Interface Design, Information Architecture & Design, Icon & Button Design, Client-Side Development including JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Hilights: Ratings Grid (requires flash), Field Search, Company List, Company Reports

Products Site (click to enlarge)

note: Because this portion of the site is subscription based, only a non-database driven demo is available for review. Although this demo has some unimplemented pages and broken links, a good idea of the look & feel and functionality can be obtained by browsing these pages.

Requires v4+ browser.

Thomson Financial BankWatch / BankWatch Site

The work I did for Thomson Financial BankWatch fell into two main projects: a Marketing Site and a data-driven Products Site.
Note: The BankWatch section of this site is provided as a sample only for web design and information architecture. These pages and the information displayed on them are not and do not represent Thomson Financial or its affiliates' products or services and neither Thomson nor its affiliates' are responsible therefore.
rolesInteraction Design, Visual Design, Programming
toolsCSS/HTML, Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver